Q: What consists of a trial?

A: Most importantly, we get to meet..yay!! I can come to you, or you could come to me! You will arrive with a clean face with or without moisturize. You can use your own or my supply, just make sure if you use yours, it is without SPF. We will chat about your personal skin care and makeup routine so I can learn about your everyday style and skin type. This will help me to decide which products will suit your skin. We will talk about what exactly your goals are for how you want to look for the event. I will then either create or recreate( if there are inspiration pictures or a pinterest board) a look on you. We will be conversing the whole time the makeup application is happening. I will be asking many questions about how the products feel, etc, After the trial is over and you are happy with the end result, you will wear your makeup for the rest of the day. If there are no concerns or problems with the makeup application, we will just duplicate that look for your event. I ask that each client update me if there are any changes or concerns with their the look and I will fix them for the event!

Q: How far in advance should I book and do a trial?

A: I recommend booking ASAP! I book several months to years in advance. As far as trials, its a personal decision. After the contract is signed, I am completely booked for your date! Some people prefer to do the trial before signing the contract and some people would rather wait until closer to their event.


Q: What kind of makeup do you use?

A: I mainly use MAC, Smashbox, Stila, LORAC and Urban decay. For airbrush, I currently am using TEMPTU. I prefer to use my own makeup, but if you want me to use yours, that can be done, too!


Q: How many people's makeup can you do?

A: I take this question case by case because it all depends on the amount of people who need makeup and how much time I have before you and your attendants need to be ready. I , sometimes, will need to bring a second artists or an assistant to help me if the party is too big for the time allotted.